Material and Non-Material Culture

Sociologist Divided Culture into two kinds Material and Non-Material Culture

Material Culture

Materials culture refers to the physical features that define a particular culture, Society or group such as home, school, business, church, etc. These structures develop a perceptual scheme of describing the members and overall atmosphere of the society. For example Penticton, BC is known as “Penticton & Wine Country” because of the vast vineyards.

It includes material or concrete things used by man such as houses, households, commodities, different kinds of apparatus, instruments, weapons, pots, and means of conveyance, etc.

Non-Material Culture

Non-Material cultures refer to the non-physical aspects (Language, symbols, norms values) of a culture or society which serve to define the feelings, morals, or beliefs of the people in that group.

It includes abstract things such as different customs, conventions, methods, arts, knowledge, and religion of societies.

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