Education for all with reference to culturally disadvantage children

Education for all with reference to culturally disadvantage children

  1. The programme of education for all should be introduced in the hilly area, Rural areas, tribal areas and areas where the dropout rate of girls are quite high and the area of weaker section of the community.
  2. Survey programme should be undertaken to collect information about the dropout and non-maternal children, their socio-economic status and the problem of illiteracy and education facilities are avails in the area and their cultural pattern.
  3. Taking into consideration the need and aspiration of the people for the programme of development should be pursued by the help of the different agencies in this area.
  4. The teacher should remain in charge of undertaking a survey in consulting with a member of the society.
  5. By undertaking the survey, we can identify as human as well as material resources and utilizing them the programme of education for all.
  6. An expert should help the village girls for the art of preparing fruits juice, jam and jelly. The women of the village should learn the art of stretching and sewing.

Some of the educational provision for Culturally disadvantaged children

  1. Establishment of residential school: Provision for Ashram school where children  get free education
  2. Financial Helps: Provide financial help to the children through the various scholarship programme.
  3. Appoint Expert teacher: Specially trained teacher should be appointed to tribal and backward areas and provision for the teacher training programme and trained in tribal dialects and tribal culture.
  4. Craft education: Training in carpentry, tailoring, weaving and some other useful work.
  5. Incentives to indigent families: Recently govt taken steps for more enrollment for these weaker sections of people and children incentive are provided to them so they would able to send their children regularly to school.
  6. Adjustment of school hours and vocation: It is used to reduce dropouts and stagnation. School hours and vacation should be flexible so that children can assist their parents in Agriculture and other works
  7. Adult education programme: Parents can get their children educated with little efforts they will be able to understand the value of education, and responsibility for the future generation so govt. initiative to open the Anganwadi adult education centres to help culturally disadvantaged children.
CV Raman Contribution to Science

CV Raman Contribution to Science

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