Difference Between Education and Instruction

Education and instruction are two Words which are generally used by Common man with identical Meaning. But in Real Sense Education & Instruction differ from each other.

Difference Between Education and Instruction

The Difference Between Education and Instruction are-

FieldEducation is the full development of all innate powers of a child. Nothing is thrust into his mind by force from outside. It develops the child physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. Thus, its field is wider than that of instruction.Instruction means forcing into the mind of a child predetermined dozes of knowledge in a pre-planned way to achieve mental development. It is one-sided development and that too of memory only. Thus, its field is narrow in comparison with education.
Place of ChildIn education, the place of child is central, pivotal and of prime importance. Teacher’s role is subsidiaryIn instruction, the place of the teacher is central. The role of the child is secondary. Thus, the role is reversed.
Interests, inclinations and abilitiesEducation pays full attention to the interest inclinations and an ability of the child. Nothing is forced into his mind without his willInstruction neglects interests, inclinations and capacities of the child. Ready-made dozes of knowledge are forced into his minds
PreparationEducation prepares the child for real life.Instruction prepares the child to pass an examination
Nature of LearningIn education, all learning is self-learning. It remains stable and permanent and can be applied to solve the problems of future lifeIn instruction, cramming is encouraged. It is soon forgotten and, thus, cannot be applied to meet the challenges of life successfully

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