Comparison between Narrow and Broad Meaning of Education

Comparison between narrow and Broad Meaning of Education covers the many aspects. Education includes all the influences which act upon an individual during his passes from cradle to grave. Education is mainly divided into narrow and broad meaning. Let’s discuss the comparison between the narrow and broad meaning of education.

Comparison Between Narrow & Broad Meaning of Education

Aspects of EducationNarrow MeaningBroader Meaning
1. MeaningAcquisition of knowledge and skillUnfoldment of innate and inner potentialities of the child
2. AimIntellectual development with bookish knowledgeAll-round harmonious development
3. DurationHave a definite entry and exit point. Generally, limited by years of institutional educationLifelong education
4. Subject-matterTheoretical knowledge of different subjectsTheoretical and life centric experiences
5. Role of teacherProvider and sender of theoretical knowledgeHelper, friend philosopher and guide in the acquisition of experiences, knowledge and skill
6. Role of studentPassive listener or receiverAn active partner in the process of education
7. MethodBasically, oral instructionSpontaneous self-activity

Reference: Dr. Marami Goswami-Principles and Foundations of Education

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