Difference Between Growth and Development?

The term Growth and Development are inseparable but different concepts. The terms growth & Development are used interchangeably to refer to the changes that take place in the life of an individual from his birth to maturity.


Growth refers to the increase in height, weight, and body size of a person. In biology, growth is considered as the increase in the size of an organ or cell.


On the other hand, development refers to the growth process where a person can develop concerning physical, mental, social, emotional, moral, etc. Developments depend upon both heredity and the Environment.

Difference Between Growth and Development

It is Quantitative in NatureIt is both Quantitative & Qualitative in Nature
The term ‘Growth’ refers to physical changes of an individual like an increase in height, size, length, weight, etc.Development refers to overall changes in a physical organ or the structure that results in improved functioning of the physical organ
Growth is Purley physical SenseDevelopment is overall, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social, moral, or any other
Growth is only a part of the developmental processDevelopment is a complex and comprehensive process
Growth is limited to a certain age it stops when maturity has been attainedDevelopment is a continuous process starting from the time of conception and continuing until the end of life (Womb to Tomb)
Changes produced by growth can be observed and measured directlyDevelopmental changes that result in improved behavior or functioning cannot be measured directly
Growth focuses only on one aspect i.e increase in a child’s body sizeDevelopment focuses on various aspects like interpersonal skills, and intelligence.
Growth is an external processDevelopment is an internal process.
Growth is structuralDevelopment is considered a functional
Growth is influenced by the developmentDevelopment is independent it does not depend upon growth

The growth and Development term is used comprehensively one cannot replace the other. Growth and development are very important a teacher must have proper knowledge about child growth and development to achieve maximum growth and development of a child