Difference Between Creativity and Intelligence-B.Ed Notes

The main difference between creativity is that Creativity is the ability to create something New with their novel ideas and Intelligence is the ability to acquire knowledge quickly and utilize them. Creativity is a part of intelligence

Difference Between Creativity and Intelligence

It has been established that convergent thinking is the basis of intelligenceDivergent thinking forms the basis of creativity
In convergent thinking, an individual has the tendency to find out the one most appropriate idea or responseDivergent thinking allows as many responses as possible
An intelligent test convergent thinking is being tested(usually requiring one correct response)Creativity emphasizes more on testing divergent thinking
It has been observed that highly creative people usually possess the intelligence to a high degree but it is not essential for an intelligent person to be creative. One may possess high intelligence without having creative abilitiesAn adequate level of intelligence is a necessary condition for being creative. A mentally retarded person cannot be expected to be creative.
In Intelligence testing, The speed and Accuracy of the cognitive behaviour is emphasizedIn creative tests novelty, flexibility and originality are given more weightage.
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