Concept of Learning and Motivation-B.Ed

Concept of Learning and Motivation

Learning and motivation terms are related to each other. Learning is possible when the child is motivated to learn


Learning is the most essential in the life of the human being. Learning is a natural phenomenon. It starts from birth and continues up to death. Every human being learns something for the proper adjustment in society.

The behaviour of an individual is changed through direct or indirect experiences. This change in behaviour brought about by experience is commonly known as learning.

Definition of Learning

Some of the well-known definitions of the term learning are given below:-

  1.  Gardner Murphy: “The term learning covers every modification in behavior to meet environmental requirements”
  2. Henry P. Smith: “Learning is the acquisition of new behavior or the something or weakening of old behavior as the result of experience”
  3. Crow & Crow: “Learning is the acquisition of habits knowledge and attitudes, it involves the new ways of doing things and it operate in an individual attempts to overcome obsticles or adjust to new situation”
  4. Gates and Others: “Learning is the modification of behavior through experience and training”


Motivation is essential to the operation of organization and classroom activities. Motivation is a term used for conditions that cause one to begin an activity and pursue it with vigour and persisting. Motivation is the heart of the learning process, which generates the willpower in an individual to do something. Adequate motivation not only engage the students in an activity that results in learning but also sustains and directs learning

Meaning of Motivation

The term motivation is derived from the Latin word “Movere” which means “to move”

Motivation can be broadly defined as the forces acting on or within a person that cause the arousal, direction and persistence of goal-directed, voluntary effort.

Difinition of Motivation

  1. Good: “ Motivation is the process of arousing, sustaining and regulating activity”
  2. Skinner: “ Motivation in school learning involves arousing persisting, sustaining and directing desirable behavior”
  3. Thomson: “Motivation is the art of stimulating interest in the pupils where there is no such interest”
  4. Crow & Crow: “Motivation is considered with the arousal of the interest in learning and to that extent is basic to learning”
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