Roles of Teacher, Parents and School for Adolescence

Roles of Teacher, Parents and School for Adolescence

The roles of Teachers, Parents and school for Adloscence are very important to support and guide the Adolescence to cope-up with the rapid changes of growth, Mood disruptions and other common problems of adolescence

1. Providing Suitable Environment

  • Adolescence is a period or stage where maximum growth and development takes place. We must provide a suitable environment for maximum growth and development.
  • Must provide with a balanced diet
  • Parents and teachers should give the proper knowledge of health, personal hygiene, cleanliness, various disease and their prevention.
  • Teachers and parents should provide a love and caring environment to adolescence children

2. To have proper knowledge of  adolescence psychology

A teacher should have proper knowledge of adolescent psychology such as (i) what are the specific needs of adolescence (ii) what type of changes takes place during this period (iii) what type of problems are faced by adolescence (iv) How should they be treated

3. Rendering proper sex education:

Adolescence is a period where rapid development of primary and secondary sexual organs. The specific characteristics of adolescents and the lack of maturity facilitates the acquisition of sexual risk behaviours such as relaxation in the use of barrier contraceptives or the use of toxic substances, alcohol or drugs during sexual relations, increasing of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unwanted pregnancies. All necessitate the provision of adequate sex information and sex education for adolescence

4. Training of emotions and satisfaction of emotional needs

The age of Adolescence is marked by too much intensity, force, instability and immature emotion. Their emotion should be properly trained and diverted towards the constructive sides.

5. Take care of special interests of the students

The curriculum should provide an open choice of various subjects and activities according to the task and temperament of adolescence.

6. Provision for vocational education

The strong need of today is to provide job oriented and vocational based practical education for adolescents.

7. Religious and moral education:

Adolescence has a higher rate of reckless, norm-breaking and anti-social behaviour. Teachers and parents must give religious and moral education to adolescence that education can prevent them from doing anti-social work, and rules breaking activities.

8. Proper dealing with adolescence

While handling adolescence Teachers and parents should be very careful they should not underestimate adolescence. They must motivate and guide them to persuing their future dream.

9. Arranging Guidance and counselling service

Schools should arrange guidance and counselling services for adolescence so that they can get proper counselling during the period of adolescence

10. Excursion and field trip

There must be provision for excursions and field trips to engage them through activities.

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