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MTET-English MCQs

MTET-English MCQs: Meghalaya Education Department Conduct MTET Examination once every year. MTET Examination will be conducted for both LP & UP (Paper-I and Paper-II). We specially design MCQs Tests for you with kept in mind how to manage time in the examination. The MTET-MCQs test contains questions and answers that are highly expected to be asked in the upcoming MTET Examination 2021 and other teaching examinations. One interesting thing is that the mock test is totally free and you can attempt up to as many times as you want. Undertaking the given MTET MCQs Test to crack the Meghalaya Teacher’s Eligibility Test examination with flying colours.

Welcome to your MTET-English MCQ

1. They---------the crime during the day

2. The basic need to use language by human beings for

3. Do not---my hand so tightly

4. The suitable meaning for the word 'ancestors'

5. English is described as a 'Link language' as

6. Which of the following is true with regard to silent reading?

7. we rested -----the shade of the tree

8. The skill of writing involves-----

9. The beginning of all language learning starts with

10. He picked up the coin which--on the ground

11. 'Reading readiness' means when children are mature enough to be ready to learn and ---

12. Which of the following is correct statement ?

13. Picture books are an excellent resource for

14. To teach speaking or speech in the classroom, the teacher must be the speech model for students to

15. On the horizon, we can see a ----of mountains

16. The use of punctuation is a basic skill of

17. A person who writes for newspapers and magazines is called---

18. Language learning basically means acquiring the four major skills of

19. Reception in language refers to

20. The skills of ---and writing are skills that involve production on the part of the language learner

21. Role plays make great language activities for enhancing

22. Intensive reading entails

23. It has been raining cats and dogs------morning

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