Lesson Plan on Motion: Speed and velocity

The lesson plan is a very important tool for teaching. Today we are going to discuss the lesson plan on Motion: Speed and Velocity

Lesson plan on Motion: Speed and Velocity

Name of the Teacher: XX
Roll No: 00
Class: IX
The average age of the students: 14 + years
Subject: Physical Science
Lesson Whole: Motion
Lesson Unit: Speed & Velocity
Duration: 40 Minutes
Date: DD/MM/YY

General Aims

  • To create interest in the students to study the subject Physical Science
  • To develop a scientific attitude among the students

Specific Objective

  • To enable the students to define speed and velocity
  • To enable the students to differentiate speed from velocity

Teaching Aids

Blackboard, chalk, duster, chart, and pointer

Step-I Preparation

Motivation: In order to motivate the students the following questions will be asked

QuestionsExpected Answer
Are all the vehicles moving fast?No
How does the Tortoise move?Fast
How does a snail move?slow
which is the fastest mode of transport?Flight


So class, today we are going to learn about “Speed and Velocity

Step-II Presentation

Teaching PointsInstructional ObjectivesTeaching MethodsTeacher’s activity/ DiscussionBlackboard workTesting-Learning outcomesLearning Outcomes
1. SpeedStudents are able to define speedLecture MethodThe rate of change of motion is called speed Or
The distance travelled by a body per unit of time is called speed
Average Speed: The total distance travelled by a body divided by the total time taken to cover this distance
Speed: Distance/Time
-The SI unit of Speed is a meter per second
Average Speed: Total distance travelled/Total time taken
1. Define Average SpeedStudents are able to define the speed and velocity
2. VelocityStudents are able to differentiate between velocity and speedLecture methodThe speed of a body in aspecified directions is called the velocity. OR The distance travelled by a body per unit of time in a definite direction is called velocity.
Velocity is a vector quantity because it has both magnitudes as well as direction.
Velocity: Distance travelled in a definite direction/Time taken
-Velocity is a vector quantity because it has both magnitude and direction
2. what is known as velocity and why it is a vector quantity?Students understand the velocity and their conditions
3. Kinds of velocityStudents are able to classify various kinds of velocityLecture Method
a) Uniform Velocity: when a body covers an equal distance in an equal interval of time in a definite direction, the body is said to be moving with uniform velocity.
b) Variable Velocity: when a body covers an equal distance in equal intervals of time is called variable velocity.
c)Average Velocity: when the velocity of a body is changing continuously at a uniform rate then the average velocity is given by the arithmetic mean of initials and final velocity for a given period of time

-Uniform velocity example: A train running towards the south with a speed of 50km/h.
-Example of variable velocity: The motion of the earth moving around the sun.
-Average velocity: initial + Final Velocity/ 2

3. Explain the various kinds of velocity
Application: Students are able to apply knowledge of speed and velocity in a real-life situation.
Skills: Students solve various problems of speed and velocity

Step-III Recapitulation

In order to test the pupil’s understanding of the lesson just taught, the following question will be asked

  1. What is speed?
  2. What is the S.I unit of Speed?
  3. Why velocity is a vector quantity?
  4. Define Velocity
  5. How many types of velocity are there?
  6. what is average velocity?

Step-IV Remedial Teaching

Remedial teaching will be done if found necessary

Step-V Home Assignment

The following questions will be given for homework

  1. What do you mean by uniform velocity?
  2. Define Variable Velocity.
  3. Write down the Si units of Distance, Speed, and Velocity

Conclusion: Well class, Today we have learned about “Speed and Velocity”. In the next class, we will learn about Motion.


NCERT Science Text Book Class IX

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