Distinction between knowledge and information

Meaning of Knowledge

The word “knowledge” is derived from the Greek word ‘Gnosis’ which means that, knowing through observation or experience. so the meaning of knowledge is the understanding, experience, or awareness of something or someone and that can be theoretical knowledge (prior knowledge) or practical knowledge (posterior/empirical knowledge)

Meaning of Information

The information word is derived from the Latin word “information” in the sense ‘to give form to the mind’, ‘to instruct’ or ‘to teach. Information can be defined as categorized/ calculated/arranged/structured form of data so that it can be easily represented. so the data is the smallest unit of knowledge

Distinction between knowledge and information

The distinction between knowledge and information is-

1. It is well organized, categorized, and calculated form of data1. It is the analysis or understanding of this information
2. Use of cognitive skills is negligible or less2. Full use of cognition skills
3. All information is not knowledge3. But every knowledge is information
4. Transfer of information is easy4. Transfer of knowledge is difficult
5. This is refined data5. This is useful information
6. This can be pre-produced6. This cannot be reproduced
7. This can be written, graphical, images, videos, etc7. These is internal or personal experiences
8. Information cannot exist without knowledge8. Knowledge cannot exist without information
9. Information is facts/data about something or someone provided or learned9. knowledge is wearing those facts to create useful ideas
10. Information is told by others10. whereas knowledge is self-experienced and self-discovered throughout life.
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