Procedure of Micro-Teaching

Micro-teaching is a scaled down teaching encounter in class size and time. A techer must know the procedure of micro-teaching for conduction a micro-teaching lession

Procedure of Micro-Teaching

The follwing steps are used for conducting a micro-teaching lessson successfully-

1. General discussion : There is general discussion about micro teaching. Theory of micro teaching with all details is discussed. The teacher under training reads related literature and through discussions, clarifications are sought.

2. Explaining the different skills: Different skills involved in teach-ing are explained to the pupil teachers.
3. Practice of one skill : Out of the various skills, one skill for mas-tery purpose is selected. Full details of that skill are given to the pupil teachers.
4. Demonstrations : An expert of the subject gives a demonstration lesson on that particular skill.
5. Discussion and clarifications : The demonstration lesson is followed by discussions in which the pupil teachers discuss things and seek all types of classifications.
6. Writing the micro lesson plan : The pupil teacher writes the lesson plan on the skill already selected. He does this in consultation with the supervisor.
7. Teaching the micro lesson : The pupil teacher teaches the lesson to a small group of students (i.e. 5 10 students). The lesson is observed by the supervisor (the teacher educator) or by the peers or with the help of a video tape.
8. Feedback : Immediately after the lesson, feedback is provided. All types of suggestions are given for the improvement of the lesson.
9. Replanning the lesson : In the light of discussion and suggestions, the pupil teacher replans the lesson. It is done again under the guidance of the supervisor.
10. Reteaching the lesson : The lesson replanned, is retaught to the small group of students.
11. Refeedback : After the lesson is over again feedback is given and thus improvement in teaching is made.

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