Difference between Micro-teaching and General teaching

Comparison between micro-teaching and general teaching are-

Micro-TeachingGeneral Teahing
1. Teaching is relatively simple1. Teaching as experienced by the teacher is complicated and difficult
2. It does not pose a big threat or fear to the teacher2. It poses a big threat and challenge to the teacher
3. It usually encourages the beginner teacher for better job performance in future3. It may lead to failur and cause frustration
4. Here the objectives are given in behavioural terms4. The objectives are not stated in behavioural terms
5. The number of students in a class is less. It is rather a samall group of 5-10 students5. It is an over crowded class where the number of students is 60-90
6. There is a provision of immediate feedback that helps the teacher to know his drawbacks and improve upon them6. Immediate feedback is not provided
7. Teaching is carried on under fully controlled situations. The supervisor is there who is determined to improve teaching7. There is no control as such over teaching. There is no supervision
8. The teacher practises one skill at a time. He continues the practice till he is able to have mastery of it8. The teacher practise the whole teaching behaviour which consist of many skills.
9. Duration of time for teaching is 5-10 minutes9. Duration of time for teaching is 35-40 minutes
10. Patterns of classroom interaction can be studied objectively10. The patterns of classroom interaction cannot be be studied easily
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