CTET 2021 EVS | Mock Test-1

CTET 2021: EVS Mock Test-1. The test contains 30 Question in 30 Minutes.

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Welcome to your EVS 2018

What is the location of Jammu & Kashmir and Goa with respect to Bihar in India?

Under which of the following conditions will the process of evaporation be slowest?

The ability to understand relative position of places, distances and directions is—

Which National Curriculum Framework (NCF) recommended Environmental Studies to be taught as an integrated curricular area at the primary level?

Which region has the practice of shifting cultivation in India?

Which one of the following statements is not true for hydropower generated from river dams?

Which of the following is/are greenhouse gas/gases?

Why are cold deserts in India not affected by the monsoon?

Which one of the following is responsible for turning Taj Mahal yellow?

Who built the Golconda Fort?

What is the mass of an object with a density of 15 g/mL and a volume of 3 mL?

Which one of the following is a scalar quantity?

An object in which no light rays can pass through is called—

What will be the weight of an object on the surface of the earth whose mass is 10 kg on the moon’s surface?

The rate of dissolution of a solute depends on—

Sushma wants her students to be sensitized for ‘conservation of trees’. Which one of the following is the most suitable strategy to do so?

Abhay asked his students to do a survey in groups on diseases that people in their neighbourhood suffered from. The survey is not mentioned in the textbook. Which option is not relevant for this teaching-learning strategy

To talk about emergency situations, Priya asked children’s experiences when they faced any emergencies. Children narrated their experiences with fire, electric shock and road accidents. She asked questions, assessed their existing understandings and discussed safety aspects using resources such as road safety advertisements from newspapers and also used LPG and electric bill to discuss safety guidelines on fire and electric shock respectively. Which is the most appropriate approach that Priya employed?

‘Community’ is an important teaching and learning resource, because—

In EVS teaching-learning, linking classroom learning to life outside school and enriching it implies—

To class III students, Rama taught that a father, mother and their children constitute nuclear family and if grandparents and other relatives stay along, then it is an extended family. What do you think of this?

Which of the following is/are activity/activities in EVS classroom?

Environmental Studies curriculum may lead to holistic learning of children if it is—

The EVS textbook has a chapter on snake charmer. It is intended to make children aware and be sensitized—

What does ‘learning without burden’ in the context of Environmental Studies imply?

What purpose does group learning serve in an EVS classroom?

What is the full form of ‘BALA’ ?

What do ‘alternative frameworks’ mean?

Women are weaker than men. It is a—

What is the most relevant to the mid-day meal time in school?